• In an interview with Breitbart News Radio, Army General Jerry Boykin was talking about the list of undercover CIA agent names being found on Hillary Clinton’s private email server. General Boykin said:

  • The horrific record of Hillary Clinton  Front Page Magazine

  • The President Who Has Done the Most Damage Dennis Prager

  • "She's often confused."

  • It was 'very imp[ortant]' to review Clinton's phone-call schedule with her, Abedin cautioned an underling via email, because 'she's often confused'
  • The email comes from Judicial Watch, which obtained it through a FOIA lawsuit against the State Department

  • "We are gonna raise taxes on the middle class." - Hillary Clinton, campaigning for president, 2016

                                    "She’s a money-hungry hypocritical witch who will do anything for money." - Kathleen Willey

    The Clintons took tens of millions of dollars and the Clinton Foundation took hundreds of millions of dollars while she was Secretary of State.    Russia now controls many of the uranium deposits in the U.S. as a result.

    Hillary's Co-Conspirator, Barack Obama

    In 1996, New York Times columnist William Safire branded Mrs. Clinton “a congenital liar.”

    February 17, 2016 Hillary panders to Muslim Pakistanis, raising $500,000 in Beaumont, Texas.

    Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop yesterday in Beaumont, Texas. Only six people were there to greet her. Her security detail outnumbered her supporters by quite a bit. She wouldn’t talk, wave to or even acknowledge those there to greet her. As bad as that is, it’s not the real story here.
    The real story is who she took a private meeting with.  After landing, Clinton headed off to a fundraiser in West Beaumont, where she was greeted by around 150-200 Muslims, most of whom were of Pakistani origin. The event was held by Pakistani businessman Tahir Javed and Hillary raised approximately $500,000 by pandering to Muslims, making it “one of the top five private fundraiser's Clinton has had in this country.” She’s bought and paid for by them. 
    Spread this far and wide. You will not see it on national news but this is what is going on.  Sheila Jackson Lee was there as well. 

    Muslim terrorist attacks in just the past 30 days - a long and deadly list.  And Hillary wants to continue Obama's program of bringing in hundreds of thousands more Muslims to America, most to live at taxpayer expense?

    February 15, 2016  Reno, Nevada  Hillary barks like a dog

    "Arh, arh, arh, arh!" she said in a high-pitched tone. "You know?"
    She added: "I think we could cut right through a lot of their (Republican's ) claims."

    FULL List of Paychecks Hillary Collected From Wall Street

    Any of these listed your favorite companies?  Must have some really good stuff to tell the audience. Wonder what it was?  Good for her.  She is a money making machine.

     Out of the 92, only about 5 or 6 are less than $225,000.00. 
    Here's The FULL List of 92 Paychecks Hillary Collected From Wall Street


    The media’s going nuts that Hillary Clinton took three big paychecks
    for three speeches at Goldman Sachs. At $225,000 a pops that’s pretty good scratch – but it’s just the tip of the

    She’s been very, very busy, raking in millions in a three-year stretch since she left her post as the Secretary of State.
    Her defense? It varies from “
    It’s what they offered me” to the hilarious “I happen to think we need more
    conversations about what’s going on in the world.”  
    Pricey “conversations” indeed.

    Here’s a list of the 92 “conversations” that Clinton has had in just the past three years.
    The total: $21.7 million.

    Hillary Clinton
    This is the pathological liar, incompetent criminal who rails against Wall Street to her fawning, brain-dead followers.

    The Clintons' War on Women by Roger Stone and Robert Morrow, New York Times best seller

    This stunning exposé reveals for the first time how Bill and Hillary Clinton systematically abused women and others—sexually, physically, and psychologically—in their scramble for power and wealth.
    Unlikeable:  The Problem With Hillary, by Edward Klein, New York Times best selling author

    An enraged Hillary Rodham Clinton blew up at President Obama, demanding he “call off your f–king dogs” looking into her emails during a tense Oval Office meeting, according to a new book.  Clinton lost her temper and called the president by his first name in an emotionally driven break with White House decorum. 
    “What I want for you to do is call off your f–king dogs, Barack!” Clinton allegedly barked at Obama, according to Klein’s account, which cited sources close to Clinton and Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett.
    The president was so stunned by Clinton’s disrespectful demands, he needed a moment to compose himself, the book claims.
    Obama then responded, “There is nothing I can do for you one way or another. Things have been set in motion, and I can’t and won’t interfere. Your problems are, frankly, of your own making. If you had been honest . . .”
    Klein reports Clinton interrupted, “There are always haters out there to get the Clintons.”
    The Democratic 2016 front-runner is said to have later regretted her tirade against the president — not for the disrespect she showed, but for the weakness she displayed.

    Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, supervised the work of 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on the committee. Hillary got a job working on the investigation at the behest of her former law professor, Burke Marshall, who was also Sen. Ted Kennedy’s chief counsel in the Chappaquiddick affair. When the investigation was over, Zeifman fired Hillary from the committee staff and refused to give her a letter of recommendation – one of only three people who earned that dubious distinction in Zeifman’s 17-year career.
    “Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said in an interview last week. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

    "I have been made victorious through terror" (Bukhari 4.52.220) --Mohammad.

    Aug 12, 2015  Who owns these mansions?

    July 29, 2015  

    Another expose of Hillary's incompetence and lack of ethics
    Only 2 minutes 40 seconds  

    Consider: In April 2016, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, the Clinton bundler, announced that by executive action he would convert 200,000 convicted felons into eligible voters by November.  Buying votes with corrupt executive actions is criminal.

    Dick Morris' expose of Hillary's incompetence and extremism:

    Study Marxism to Understand Hillary

    May 8  Hillary is malicious, petty, hateful, and controlling.  She thinks only of herself.
    Here is a 90 minute expose of her.

    April 19  Obama, Clinton, Charged in Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy


    In two separate criminal complaints, Egyptian lawmakers have charged Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood
    According to one of the criminal charges,  Hillary Clinton was found to be working with ousted Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi’s wife, Naglaa Mahmood, in attempting to overthrow the current leader of Egypt, General Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi.

    April 16

    "My grandparents came to the United States." - Hillary lying yet again

    It didn't take long to find out that two of Hillary's grandparents were born in Illinois, and a third was born in Pennsylvania.  Oh, she didn't know.....

    Hillary's nice interview with some folks in Iowa was carefully scripted and was a complete setup and a sham, like so much else in her life.  She simply cannot be trusted any more than Barack Obama.

    April 15, 2015 Interview with Kathleen Willey
    Groped and Sexually Harassed by Clinton in the Oval Office

    Wanting to go public with her story, Willey was quickly shot down by Hillary, who at the time ran a“war room” designed to crack down on the women who Bill assaulted, and to ensure that their claims never saw the light of day.
    During an interview with Aaron Klein’s Investigative Radio on Sunday, Willey said:
    “What has she done, what has she accomplished to run for president, to become the president of the United States?” Willey asked. “I can’t find, for the life of me, one thing.And if I could find one thing, I would acknowledge that fact. But I haven’t seen one single accomplishment that would give her the credentials to be president of the United States.”
    When asked about Hillary’s perceived focus on women, Willey replied, “Well, that’s a joke, if that’s her one credential for running for president, then why don’t I run. I’m a woman. It makes absolutely no sense. … There are a lot more women out there way more qualified than she. The only thing Hillary has been successful on is riding in on the coattails of other men – like Obama and her husband. That’s it.”



    Why is Hillary Clinton Even Running
    by Victor Davis Hanson
    April 13, 2015

    The point is that Mrs. Clinton has neither a past record that she is proud to run on nor support for an Obama administration tenure that she will promise to continue. She is not a good speaker and has a disturbing habit of switching accents [7] in amateurish attempts to mimic regional or racial authenticity. She accentuates her points by screaming in shrill outbursts, and dismisses serious questions by chortling for far too long. She is deaf to human cordiality, has a bad temper, and treats subordinates with haughty disdain. In that sense she is more authentic than her equally callous and narcissistic, but charismatic husband.
    What Then?
    What is then left? Actually one motif.
    Hillary is both a victim and trailblazer. Her disastrous record of unethical and illegal activities — shaking down foreigners for donations to her foundation while secretary of State, creating her exclusive server for a private email account, destroying all her emails after admitting that she was judge and jury of what were and were not government records — is instead proof of right-wing McCarthyism.
    Those who attack her are afraid of a woman president and what she represents — an inclusive social agenda that protects gays, women, and minorities from right-wing hooliganism and religious bigotry,  fire-and-brimstone anti-abortionists who want entrance into our bedrooms and to erect glass ceilings to thwart feminists, reincarnations of Bull Connors and Lester Maddoxes who would put blacks back in chains, nativists and restrictionists who hide their racism by faux calls for border enforcement, and greedy speculators and stock manipulators who care little for the 99%.
    That is Hillary Clinton’s past, present, and future. There is nothing more [8]. No record — ever — of success, no innate charm, eloquence, brilliance,  or campaign savviness. And given her iconic female candidacy, her turn, her money — and the lack of an alternative — Hillary Clinton needs no agenda, whether a past one to defend or a future one to rally to. 

    DIANE SAWYER, ABC NEWS: It has been reported you've made $5 million making speeches, the president's made more than $100 million. 

    HILLARY CLINTON: Well, if you -- you have no reason to remember, but we came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt. We had no money when we got there and we struggled to, you know, piece together the resources for mortgages for houses, for Chelsea's education, you know, it was not easy. Bill has worked really hard and it's been amazing to me. He's worked very hard, first of all, we had to pay off all our debts which was, you know, we had to make double the money because of obviously taxes, and pay you have at debts, and get us houses and take care of family members. 

    America's glaring income inequality is certain to be a central bone of contention in the 2016 presidential election. But with her huge personal wealth, how could Clinton possibly hope to be credible on this issue when people see her as part of the problem, not its solution?
    "But they don't see me as part of the problem," Hillary protests, "because we pay ordinary income tax, unlike a lot of people who are truly well off, not to name names; and we've done it through dint of hard work," she says, letting off another burst of laughter. If past form is any guide, she must be finding my question painful.

    "Dint of hard work."  Hillary's ghost-written book brought her $8 million from the publisher. Now she and Bill both lecture to fawning crowds for $200,000 per speech.  


    "I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision.  I am really in awe of her.” - Hillary Clinton Receiving Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sanger Award in March 2009 

    We don't want word to go out that we want to exterminate the negro population. - Margaret Sanger

    Every week more blacks are killed in abortion clinics than were killed in the entire Vietnam War.

    The abortion industry kills at this point kills as many African-American people every four days as the Klan killed in 150 years. - Clenard Childress, Life Education and Resource Network


    "I accepted an invitation to talk to the women's branch of the Ku Klux Klan...I saw through the door dim figures parading with banners and illuminated crosses...I was escorted to the platform, was introduced, and began to speak...In the end, through simple illustrations I believed I had accomplished my purpose. A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered." (Margaret Sanger: An Autobiography, P.366)

    "You fu**ing Jew bastard." - Hillary Clinton to Paul Fray,
    State of a Union, by Jerry Oppenheimer, page 153

    Hillary's Benghazi Scandal
    She and Obama covered up their willful failure to lift a finger while our Libyan embassy was under attack for hours.

    Zero achievements but many, many scandals, the latest of which is featured in a new book:
    “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich,” by Peter Schweizer — a 186-page investigation of donations made to the Clinton Foundation by foreign entities — is proving the most anticipated and feared book of a presidential cycle still in its infancy. - NewYorkTimes.com

     - Hillary's E-mail Scandal - she illegally used her own server and destroyed state's evidence
    -  Hillary's Vince Foster Scandal - Deputy Counsel charged with handling Hillary's legal matters commits suicide in 1993.  While testifying before congressional investigators as first lady, she answered "I don't know" or "I don't remember" 250 times?
    Rose Law Firm billing records mysteriously appeared in the Clinton's bedroom years after they had been subpoenaed.

    - Hillary and Bill's Whitewater Scandal

    - Hillary and Bill's Travel Office Scandal
    - Hillary's Whitewater Scandal -  Jim and Susan McDougal and Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker, are convicted of fraud
    - Hillary's Cattle Futures Scandal - "Earns" $100,000 on her $1,000 investment while cozied up to Tyson Foods which gets favors from the Clintons
    - Hillary's  Lewinsky Denial Scandal - When asked by Barbara Walters on television, "What if these allegations against your husband are true?"  Hillary answered, "Uh, uh, well that's NOT gonna happen."  It happened.
    - Hillary's Travelgate Scandal - The Clintons destroyed reputations and careers to reward campaign donors.  She  holds the American public in utter contempt. 

    PHOTO: ABC News Diane Sawyer interviews former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington, D.C. on June 5, 2014.
    www.abcnews.com  - Hillary Clinton defended the millions of dollars she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, have earned giving paid speeches since leaving public office in an exclusive interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer ahead of Tuesday's release of her new memoir, "Hard Choices."
    "We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt," Clinton told Sawyer. "We had no money when we got there,    You know, it was not easy."
    [Hillary recently collected a $225,000 speaking fee from a college.  Both she and Bubba got multimillion dollar advance fees for their books.]
    Her goal has always been the attainment of power masquerading as public service. - The American Thinker
    "Where is the G*damn f**king flag! I want the G*damn f**king flag up every morning at f**king sunrise."  -From the book  Inside the White House by Ronald Kessler, p.244- Hillary to staff at the Arkansas Governor's mansion on Labor Day 1991.

    F**k off! It's enough I have to see you shit-kickers every day, I'm not going to talk to you too! Just do your G*damn job and keep your mouth shut."  - From the book  America Evita by Christopher Anderson, p.90 - Hillary to her State Trooper body guards after one of them greeted her with "Good Morning".

    "If you want to remain on this detail, get your f**king ass over here and grab those bags!”  - From the book The First Partner p.259- Hillary to a Secret Service Agent who was reluctant to carry her luggage because he wanted to keep his hands free in case of an incident.
    "Stay the f**k back, stay the f**k back away from me! Don't come within ten yards of me, or else!  Just f**king do as I say, Okay!?" - From the book Unlimited Access by Clinton FBI Agent in Charge, Gary Aldrige, p.139- Hillary screaming at her Secret Service detail.

    "Where's the miserable c**k sucker!"  -From the book The Truth About Hillary by Edward Klein, p.5- Hillary shouting at a Secret Service officer.

    "You f**king idiot"- From the book Crossfire p.84-Hillary to a State Trooper who was driving her to an event.

    "Put this on the ground! I left my sunglasses in the limo.  I need those sunglasses.  We need to go back!"
    From the book Dereliction of Duty p.71-72-- Hillary to Marine One helicopter pilot to turn back while en route to Air Force One.

    "Come on Bill, put your d**k up!  You can't f**k her here!!"

    From the book Inside the White House by Ronald Kessler, p.243-Hillary to Gov. Clinton when she spots him talking with an attractive female.

    Hillary is a native of Chicago and wrote a 1969 college thesis on communist Saul Alinsky and what a wonderful guy he was.

    Sane Jews Do Not Vote for Hillary
    by Joan Swirsky
    April 18, 2016

    At the beginning of January 2016, an organization called NORPAC—a lobby whose mission is to support candidates and sitting members of Congress “who demonstrate a genuine commitment to the strength, security, and survival of Israel”—invited its members to “an exclusive and intimate” cocktail reception for Hillary Clinton for people willing to pay $2,700 per individual or $5,400 per couple.
    The invitation included a synopsis of Hillary’s credibility vis-a-vis Israel, stating that she had “been a supporter of the US-Israel relationship for many years…and, as Secretary of State, she had stood up against Israel’s enemies….”
    Then, NORPAC promptly betrayed its pretense of impartiality by stating: “Please join us in support of Secretary Hillary Clinton for President and share your concerns about the US-Israel relationship with her at this pro-Israel event.”

    Of course, all of this hype was pure fiction, but fully embraced by the leftwing Jews who have essentially abandoned genuine Judaism for the Social Justice causes embraced by the Democrat party, causes that make them feel like “good” people—everything from the redistribution of wealth (aka Communism) to saving the environment (from the colossal hoax known as climate change) to equality for women (except when it comes to speaking out against the vile abuses of Sharia law, the mass rapes by Muslims in Europe, and the rapacious behavior of one Bill Clinton) to the Holy Grail of leftism, abortion, which amounts to the de facto approval of the over fifty-eight-million infants murdered by this gruesome procedure since it became the law of the land in 1973.
    But the subject here is not the magical thinking of leftists or the suicidal ideas of liberal Jews. Rather, it is to correct the decades-long fantasy that Hillary Clinton is even remotely supportive of Jews, Israel, Zionism, in fact anything to do with Jewish life.


    So let us forthwith dispense with the fiction that Hillary Clinton is a friend of Israel, of Zionism, of Jews. In fact, she loathes all three, and her ignominious track record of nearly 40 years in public life proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt.
    In an article in Newsmax.com in December, 2002, writer Carl Limbacher reported that as far back as 1979, when Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas, “it was quite common” for both Bill and Hillary to refer to each other as “a Jew mother f-cker” or a “Jew bastard.” This was reported by Arkansas state trooper Larry Patterson, who guarded the couple for six years. Patterson also said that he “won’t go into their generous use of the N word,” but only seven years ago, Bill told Sen. Ted Kennedy of Barack Obama, “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.”

    When Hillary was First Lady of Arkansas, there were few if any Jews in her orbit…simply a demographic phenomenon. So where did her Jew hatred come from? Her reported-to-be Republican parents? Her upbringing in generally leftist Chicago? Her education at elite Wellesley College? Her religion, most often described as Methodist—you know, that lovely Protestant denomination that is relentless in pursuing the Boycott-Divest-Sanction campaign against Israel ? In Wellesley, she was introduced to the writings of America-hating Saul Alinsky, the author of Rules for Radicals, a man she maintained close ties to, wrote her thesis about, and, to this day, echoes his “America is bad” beliefs.

    It’s useless to speculate about where Hillary’s leftism or antipathy to Jews came from, sort of like wondering about the genesis of a particular malignancy. Yet, speculating can sometimes shed light. Perhaps Hillary’s Jew hatred came from the experience she had when, at age 27, the Yale Law School graduate served on the committee to impeach President Richard M. Nixon, and a Jew, Jerome Zeifman, Chief Counsel on the Watergate Committee, fired her for lying and being unethical, according to writer Carole Fader.
    In Zeifman’s 2006 book, ‘Hillary’s Pursuit of Power,’ Fader reports, he wrote that, “Hillary Clinton is ethically unfit to be either a senator or president—and if she were to become president, the last vestiges of the traditional moral authority of the party of Roosevelt, Truman and Johnson will be destroyed.”
    In an earlier book, ‘Without Honor: The Impeachment of President Nixon and the Crimes of Camelot,’ Zeifman wrote: “During my 14-year tenure with the House Judiciary Committee, I had supervisory authority over several hundred staff members. With the exception of Ms. Rodham, [special counsel John] Doar, and [senior associate special counsel and future Clinton White House counsel Bernard] Nussbaum, I recommend all of them for future positions of public and private trust.”
    Talk about an early warning system!


    According to Jeff Dunetz, blogger of The Lid, when Hillary graduated to become the First Lady of America, she continued her anti-Israel, anti-Zionism, anti-Jew fetish.
    Dunetz reports that “even before her marriage to Bill, Hillary Clinton was opposing Israel and promoting the forces of terrorism.” On page 49 of his book, ‘American Evita’, Christopher Anderson wrote that “at a time when elements of the American Left embraced the Palestinian cause and condemned Israel, Hillary was telling friends that she was `sympathetic’ to the terrorist organization and admired its flamboyant leader, Yasser Arafat. When Arafat made his famous appearance before the U.N. General Assembly in November 1974 wearing his revolutionary uniform and a holster on his hip, Bill `was outraged like everybody else,’ said a Yale Law School classmate, but Hillary tried to convince Bill that Arafat was a `freedom fighter’ trying to free his people from their Israeli `oppressors.’”
    In November 1999, Dunetz elaborates, Hillary made a trip to the Middle East and met with Yasser Arafat’s wife Suha, who proceeded to accuse Israel of “daily and intensive use of poisonous gas” that caused higher cancer rates in women and children, and of contaminating the drinking water or Palestinians with “chemical materials and toxic gases.” And what did Hillary do in the face of this barrage of Jew-hating lies? She “sat by silently” and then gave Suha a hug and a kiss, in essence endorsing her blasphemy.
    When Hillary was the Sec. of State, Dunetz continues, both she and Bill “made mega- dollars from their extensive involvement with Dubai, a leader in the movement to boycott Israel, and a major commerce and shipping point for the `business-side’ of terrorism.” So deep are Bill and Hill into Dubai that “The Clinton Foundation has established Dubai Study departments in universities in the US and London. They worked hard at granting legitimacy to this Jew-hating, terrorist supporting nation.” And there is more. Dunetz reports that when Hillary ran for president in 2007, San Francisco Examiner columnist P.J. Corkery wrote that she “made $10 million a year from Yucaipa, a Dubai firm. Ron Berkle, the owner of Yucaipa companies, was a major fund-raiser for Bill and Hillary.”
    The Clintons also had and have a connection to the world’s biggest exporter of terrorism, Saudi Arabia, and the Saudi Royal Family donated $10,000,000 to the Clinton Library. Hmmm…they must be interested in literacy.


    The above represents a drop in the ocean of Hillary’s longtime predilection to all things Arab and aversion to all things Jewish, with the glaring exception of her run for the U.S. Senate, during which time she was a quick study in learning how to pander for the formidable Jewish vote. And sure enough, Jewish Democrats ignored her paltry track record of public service, overlooked her former blasphemies of Jews and Israel, and continued their fetishistic embrace of all things leftist-cum-socialist, mixed with a dollop of gender politics, and generously laced with perpetual victimhood.
    It’s relevant to note that Hillary’s tenure in the Senate yielded few benefits to New Yorkers and few accomplishments, and it didn’t take her long after leaving the Senate and becoming Secretary of State to dismiss a previous deal that had been made with Israel and to call for the end of the construction of new homes in what Israel’s enemies call settlements on the West Bank but which are actually the legally sanctioned territories in Israel called Judea and Samaria.
    By this action, Hillary, in essence, told Israelis that they could no longer live in their neighborhoods, and for good measure she threw in Jerusalem as well. Then she and Barack Obama proceeded to keep up a steady drumbeat of vilification, public admonishment, duplicitous dealings, and relentless demands on Israel, with nary the mildest demand on the Jewish state’s fanatically bellicose neighbors.
    So obsessed with Israel is Hillary in the basest of ways, she even spoke publicly in 2011 at the leftist Brookings Institute about Israel’s accommodation to the Orthodox community in terms of females singing in the Israeli Defense Forces, comparing the action to the way Iran treats its women. Right. In her mind, there is no difference between simply walking out of a singing performance and stoning the offending woman to death.
    The next year, at a forum on US-Israel Relations, she scorched Israel for its supposed insensitivity, lack of empathy, and lack of generosity toward those poor victimized Palestinians, turning a malevolent blind eye to the serial violations by Palestinian of all their agreements with Israel.


    But now that she’s running for president, Hillary the Panderer is back, pretending that she’s a friend of Israel, hoping that the Jewish public she considers quite stupid will forget that as Secretary of State she created and executed the most anti-Israel policy of the most anti-Israel president in Israel’s mere 68 years of existence.
    “Old habits die hard,” writes Tiffany Gabbay for TruthRevolt.org. Only last month, Hillary hosted a panel that included Salam al-Marayati, president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), “who openly supported Hezbollah in its 1983 bombing of a Marine barracks in Beirut and who blamed the 9/11 attacks on Israel.”
    Hillary’s ties to al-Marayati go way back; Gabbay provides adetailed report developed by Patrick Pool of PJ Media. “Waves of controversy have not stopped Hillary Clinton from continuing to promote Marayati, including appointing him to positions during her tenure as Obama’s secretary of State.” To this day, MPAC continues to vilify Israel and even published “on its website in 2010 that Israel was harvesting the organs of Palestinians.” But he’s still Hillary’s pal! Mmmm… I wonder how much he’s contributed to The Clinton Foundation, which as I type is being investigated by 150 federal agents!
    Gabbay also provides a list of these dubious figures tied to the Obama administration. I wonder how many of them have also provided hefty sums to the foundation. With the Clintons, isn’t it always about the money?
    An editorial in The Jewish Voice this month cites recent history to describe Hillary’s unique unfitness to be fair and balanced as a president when it comes to Israel. “Her vicious attacks on Netanyahu and the Jewish State are legend during her four years of leaning unashamedly to the side of Palestinian causes,” the opinion piece states, and continues to list some of her egregious anti-Israel behavior:
    • Her grant of 147 million bucks to the Hamas controlled Gaza which was utilized to repair the terror tunnels and artillery emplacements after they attacked Israel.
    • Her 45-minute-long verbal phone assault on Netanyahu for his refusal to kowtow to Abbas’ demands.
    • Her unending calls for “a two state solution,” adding kindling to the fires of hate that the Palestinians keep burning in order to scorch the state of Israel.
    • Her comments in her book, ‘Hard Choices’,” where she repeatedly mentions, the “illegal occupation” of Palestinians by Israel.
    That is not to omit what writer/editor Jerome S. Kaufman reported in Israel Commentary about Hillary’s recent speech at the American-Israel-Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) forum. “She told the outrageous lie that she led the policy of imposing `crippling’ sanctions on Iran to force it to the negotiating table and she supported the agreement that has put a lid on its nuclear program!” Then she said: “We will never allow Israel’s enemies to think a wedge can be driven between us.”
    “Huh!” Kaufman writes. “Evidently she does not think that Ali Khameni, the current Supreme Leader of Iran, thinks that, after Obamasigned a lethal agreement with Israel’s mortal enemy giving them $150 billion in spending money plus a virtually unencumbered route to develop nuclear weapons and the unlimited launching of missile tests designed to carry them out, there is a `wedge between Israel and the US.’”
    Calling Hillary’s presentation “a con job for Jewish audiences,” Kaufman pleads to her: “Please stop parading as Israel’s friend. That is a complete lie.”
    And then there are Hillary’s closer-than-close ties to advisor, family friend, and former advisor to Pres. Bill Clinton, Sidney Blumenthal—he of her private unsecured e-mail server fame—one of those apologist “court Jews” who make the rest of us cringe in embarrassment and revulsion. Writer Lori Lowenthal Marcus describes in The Jewish Press what happened on May 31, 2010, when the Israeli Navy confronted six ships sailing from Turkey, “seeking to blow up the internationally recognized legal naval blockade of the Gaza Strip.”
    “Starting the very morningof the incident,” she writes,” Sidney Blumenthal began emailing Hillary Clinton, haranguing her to treat this grave tragedy as a whip with which to lash Israel. Blumenthal also sent screeds written by his unhinged son Max, who insisted that the entire incident was orchestrated in advance by a bloodthirsty Israel as a means to blow up the peace process. By the next morning, Blumenthal had writtena seven-point memo to Clinton suggesting ways the United States should respond to the flotilla incident, among them, “someone in authority needs to read Israel the riot act”...”
    AmericanThinker.com writer Thomas Lifson fleshes out this ugly story. Hillary’s “reliance on Sidney Blumenthal as an advisor, despite the fact that she was forbidden by the Obama administration to employ him as a State Department aide, is now revealed to contain a reliance on the even viler son of a vile man. Just as telling is the way he plied her with his son Max’s articles. Max Blumenthal is a radical left wing writer and the author of ‘Goliath’, a vicious anti-Zionist polemic that attacks Israel’s right to exist and urges its isolation and ultimate dissolution.”
    “Hillary is imbibing poison from Blumenthal,” says Lifson, “and went out of her way to do so. She should be shunned by all who care about the survival of Israel.”


    Ari Lieberman titles his article in FrontPageMagazine.com ‘Hillary’s Emails: Hating Israel’. In it, he spares no passion in describing the candidate’s flaws (“unrepentant liar,” “unethical,” “serial hypocrite,” “likely a felon,” et al), and then prefaces a further critique with this damning caveat: “If you hate Israel and wish to see nothing but misfortune for the Jewish State, stop reading because Hillary is your candidate. If you care about Israel and its relationship with the United States, read on.”
    Lieberman details the nefarious plots and plans suggested to a very interested Hillary by her close aides Thomas Pickering, never a friend of Israel, and Anne Marie Slaughter, Hillary’s director of policy planning. But he reserves his most scathing commentary for Hillary’s closest advisor.
    “Another miscreant and perhaps the most troubling on the list of shady anti-Israel characters advising Clinton is Sidney Blumenthal, father and defender of the notorious anti-Semite, Max Blumenthal. Max has never met a Hamas or Hezbollah terrorist he didn’t like and subscribes to every single anti-Israel calumny and conspiracy theory winding its way through the blogosphere. So extreme are his views that even the German Communist party washed its hands of him. Sidney Blumenthal is a passionate defender of his son’s unscholarly, anti-Semitic dung and has passed much of it along via email to a very receptive Hillary. Among the articles forwarded was a lengthy conspiracy piece written by Max for the Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Akhbar. Rather than rejecting it outright, Clinton responded, “interesting reading.”
    Lieberman then discusses Hillary’s closest female adviser, Huma Abedin, noting that her history and involvement with the “fascist Muslim Brotherhood are undeniable” ...Abedin and her Saudi-connected parents have held high-level positions with various Muslim affiliated organizations that have openly adopted extremely hostile views toward the Jewish State.
    According to columnist Caroline Glick, “Hillary would continue Obama’s anti-Israel policies. Saying that her tenure as Secretary of State “was a disaster of epic proportions,” Glick adds that during those four years, “Clinton was a full partner in Obama’s hostile policies toward Israel.”
    So it is no surprise that among the other anti-Israel people Hillary has hired to help her win the presidency is former Congressman Earl Hilliard, who, writes Carol Brown in AmericanThinker.com, “was a reliable anti-Israel voice in Congress”—voting against increased military support for Israel and accusing Jews of buying the election that defeated him.
    Three-hundred and thirty million people in the U.S.A., and these are the best Hillary could do!
    ‘Who does Al Qaeda want in the White House?’ is the title of an article by Lisa Daftari, who writes that, “The Wall Street Journal has obtained a translated report of the text which suggests that…former Sec. of State Clinton `will be an extension of the policy of Obama and the Democrats in the region.’” Precisely!
    It’s astounding to me, who reads daily newspaper reports of people being arrested and incarcerated for relatively innocuous crimes, that Hillary has not yet been frog-marched into a courtroom, on her way to Leavenworth. Clearly, someone doesn’t want that to happen because of the guilt-by-association that would land that someone in a cell in the same institution. And the media’s reassurances that FBI Director James Comey “is nonpartisan” ring hollow when you consider that on more than one occasion, he has found no criminal wrongdoing in several of the Clintons’ fishy cases.

    "The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to
    the left." - Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV)


    Hillary ad Saul Alinsky

    1. During her college years at Wellesley, Hillary Clinton formed her political ideology as a close friend and confidant of Saul Alinsky, the Marxist firebrand who resurrected the “Communist Manifesto” and urged young liberals to agitate and create unrest to establish communist ends.
    2. Hillary Clinton’s senior thesis at Wellesley College was locked at her husband’s request during his time as president. The 92-page thesis was about Alinsky, with whom Clinton shared a mentor/apprentice relationship.
    3. According to NBCNewsDavid Brock called Hillary “Alinsky’s daughter” in his 1996 biography, “The Seduction of Hillary Rodham.”
    4. Hillary Clinton wrote in her thesis, “Much of what Alinsky professes does not sound ‘radical.’” This, coming from the man who dedicated his book, “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer, “the first radical.”
    5. To read a more in depth article about Hillary and Saul Alinsky, read, “Alinsky’s Daughter: Here’s the truth about Hillary the media won’t tell you.

      Leftist Law Firm

    6. After college, Hillary searched for a leftist “movement” law firm and secured a spot at Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein.
    7. Treuhaft was a former Communist Party member who defended the Black Panthers and other radical leftist groups.
    8. Walker was an avowed Communist until the day she died, and was notorious for successfully defending Angie Davis, a California Communist, on conspiracy murder charges. Davis purchased two firearms two days prior to an armed takeover of a county courthouse. While governor, Ronald Reagan barred Davis from teaching at any California University because of her militant communist beliefs. Walker made a living defending Communists against the Smith Act.
    9. Burnstein was a defender of leftist radical protesters, taking the side of the Communists in Vietnam.
    10. Hillary claimed to work on a child custody case only at the radical firm, but others recall differently. “We did a lot of conscientious-objector work,” during the Vietnam War.
    11. Why did Hillary go to Treuhaft, Walker, and Burnstein? Carl Bernstein quoted Treuhaft as saying, "The reason she came to us, the only reason I could think of because none of us knew her, was because we were a so-called Movement law firm at the time.


    12. As a college student, Hillary embraced the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and admired its leader Yassar Arafat, once defending him as a “‘freedom fighter’ trying to free his people from their Israeli ‘oppressors.’”
    13. In her run for senator from New York, Hillary claimed she had Jewish roots by bringing up her grandmother’s remarriage to a Jewish man.
    14. In reaction to seeing a menorah in a friend’s home, Hillary wouldn’t get out of her car, and friends heard Bill explain, "I'm sorry, but Hillary's really tight with the people in the PLO in New York. They're friends of hers, and she just doesn't feel right about the menorah."

      Whitewater Scandal

    15. As partners in the Rose Law Firm, Hillary, Bill, and Jim and Susan McDougal participated in a pyramid scheme that used fraudulent real estate loans involving inflated appraisals to circumvent federal law. By the time the FBI investigated, every single person involved was indicted or destroyed except Bill and Hillary. Power Line reported in March 2015:
      Clinton, working with Webster Hubbell and Vince Foster, stole hard copies of the billing records of the Rose law firm where they were partners. They erased the electronic version of these records. One set of these documents was later found in the White House, just outside Hillary’s private office, by an employee. Another set was found in Foster’s attic by his widow, some years after he committed suicide. Clinton’s time sheets (handwritten, as was the practice back in the day) were never found.

      Fighting for Women

    16. While an attorney in Arkansas, Hillary defended a child rapist, knew he was guilty, but impugned the character of the 12 year old victim anyway, which would send the now-52 year old woman on a path to a life of drugs and crime. Hillary claimed the girl actively sought out “older men,” and had a reputation as a liar. In an interview, Hillary talked about having the rapist take a lie detector test, which he passed, and laughing, Hillary said, “Which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs.”
    17. Hillary successfully defended a 300 lb man who obviously beat his girlfriend, and got the case thrown out on a technicality.
    18. Juanita Broaddrick claimed she was raped by Bill Clinton, Paula Jones won a $850,000 settlement when she accused Bill of sexual harassment, and Kathleen Willey accused Bill of sexual assault. In each of these cases, and many more, Hillary hired private detectives to dig up dirt on Bill’s accusers in order to destroy their stories, and keep Bill on his path to the White House, as told by biographer Carl Bernstein, former aide George Stephanopoulous, and former Clinton aide Dick Morris.

      Black Lives Matter

    19. Hillary has said that white people have to, “recognize our privilege and practice humility.”
    20. To BLM rioters she said, “We need you. We need the promise of a rising generation of activists and organizers who are fearless in your advocacy and determination.”
    21. The Black Lives Matter founder from Worchester, Massachusetts, once complained to Hillary, “Until someone speaks the truth to white people in this country so that we can actually take on anti-blackness as a founding problem in this country, I don’t believe that there is going to be a solution. What in your heart has changed that’s going to change the direction of this country?” Hillary responded, “I don’t believe you change hearts, I believe you change laws. You change allocation of resources. You change the way systems operate,” indicating that she would change government to implement BLM’s demands.

      Muslim Brotherhood

    22. Hillary backed the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Mursi. Incidentally, on the way to meet with Mursi, Hillary, was pelted with tomatoes while the Egyptians chanted, “Monica, Monica!”
    23. Hillary’s top aide, Huma Abedin, has well-established ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.
    24. Hillary sided with the second official-of-record of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and discussed what could be done to hamper Qaddafi. “Hillary’s war,” as identified by U.S Navy Rear Admiral Charles Kubic, ended in destabilizing Libya and enhancing the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS.

      Gun Control

    25. Hillary believes that Second Amendment proponents are a “minority” of people, and that their viewpoint is “terrorizing” the American people.
    26. Hillary not only wants to make gun ownership illegal for many, but would allow gun manufacturers to be sued by those who have been shot by a legally owned gun. This would include those committing crimes on private property.
    27. Hillary said that the Supreme Court is wrong about the Second Amendment, referring to District of Columbia v. Heller, which struck down the D.C. gun ban and ruled that individuals have a fundamental right to gun ownership under the Second Amendment.

      The First Amendment

    28. Hillary has condemned the Citizens United court ruling and wants a constitutional amendment to overturn it. The Citizens United case hinged on the right to free speech and censorship of opposing views. Justices looked at the FEC ban as akin to book burning, and the court ruled that the FEC could not limit political speech.
    29. After four American lives were lost in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton blamed Nakoula Basseley Nakoula for a film he made about Islam. Hillary further falsely claimed the attack was in response to said film. To Charles Woods, the father of one of the deceased at Benghazi, Hillary said, “We will make sure that the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted.” Nakoula was immediately jailed for over a year.
    30. She has every intention of using the full power of the federal government to snuff out religious liberty.
    31. Hillary has a long history of faulting or trying to ban movies, music, and video games for the actions of criminals.


    32. Hillary’s view is that people’s religious beliefs have to be changed when it comes to abortion. “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will,” she explained. “And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”
    33. Hillary believes that an unborn child — just hours before delivery — has no constitutional rights, i.e., no right to life.
    34. Hillary praised her husband Bill for vetoing a partial birth abortion ban. Partial-birth abortion is exactly what it implies, a child is pulled feet-first out of the mother's womb past the navel and the abortionist punctures the skull of the baby, inserts a powerful vacuum, and suctions the baby's brains which collapses the skull and the child is pulled the rest of the way and discarded. At the time of the veto, the Clintons claimed it was a procedure to protect the health and life of the mother, but a prominent abortion advocate said at the time that the information given to the public was intentionally misleading.
    35. Hillary wants more funding to go to the abortion giant and butcher shop, Planned Parenthood.
    36. Hillary wants to overturn the Hyde Amendment, which is intended to ban government funding for abortion.


    37. Hillary’s voter registration leader for her campaign is an illegal immigrant.
    38. Clinton wants to increase Syrian refugees coming into America from 1,500 to 65,000.
    39. At the Univision Democratic debate in March, Hillary said, “I am committed to introducing comprehensive immigration reform and a path to legitimate citizenship within the first 100 days of my presidency.”
    40. Hillary would allow illegal immigrants to obtain health insurance under Obamacare.

      Much More

    41. Hillary’s first solo legal case was in defense of a canning corporation when a man found the back end of a rat in his pork and beans. Affectionately known as the “Rat’s ass case,” Hillary claimed it would be considered food in some countries.
    42. Grateful for Hillary’s help in his presidential run, President Jimmy Carter put her in charge of Legal Services Corporation, a federally funded nonprofit, whose budget under Hillary would swell from $90 million to $321 million. Investigators from the General Accounting Office found that during her leadership, those involved with the LSC were, “uniquely reprehensible.”
    43. In 1978 and 1979, Hillary turned a $1,000 investment into $98,540 in less than one year trading cattle futures under the guidance of a Tyson Foods outside attorney. Tyson Foods, under state law, was supposed to dispose of its chicken manure properly, but the state’s governor, Bill Clinton, never enforced the law. Five years later, seepage from the waste contaminated a community’s drinking water and made people sick. It took Bill Clinton 15 months to declare the town a disaster area.
    44. In two years, 2013-2015, Hillary made $2.9 million in speaking fees from large corporations including $675,000 from Goldman Sachs.
    45. In her commencement speech at Wellesley, Hillary quoted her mother as saying, “You know I’ll always love you but there are times when I certainly won’t like you.” In 1993, in an interview with the New York Times, Hillary attributed that exact quote to her father instead.
    46. Hillary was “the first presidential spouse to be subpoenaed. Bill and Hillary Clinton are the first and only first couple to be fingerprinted by the FBI.”
    47. Hillary was at the center of “Travelgate” during her time as first lady. The controversy surrounded seven people who were fired in the office and replaced with her cronies.
    48. Hillary claimed she came under sniper fire during a trip to Bosnia. That claim was easily debunked by Sharyl Attkisson who was accompanied Hillary’s trip as a member of the press. Hillary twice tried to make the silly suggestion stick before the media caught up with her.
    49. Hillary hailed the television channel Al Jazeera and said its viewership was going up in the U.S. “’because it’s real news. You may not agree with it, but you feel like you’re getting real news around the clock.’ She said it was ‘changing peoples’ minds and attitudes. And like it or hate it, it is really effective.’ U.S. news, she added, was not keeping up.”
    Hillary is a radical's radical, a compulsive liar, and is intoxicated by the accumulation of wealth and power. Her Marxist ideology and belief that destroying this nation from within is what has motivated and propelled her to become president of this nation. Anyone considering voting for this destroyer should have their heads examined.

    - See more at: https://www.conservativereview.com/commentary/2016/09/49-abominable-facts-about-hillary-the-media-wont-tell-you#sthash.BFJgpPob.dpuf